Half of finding the right counsellor is finding someone you're comfortable to talk to. Awhile back when I was at my worst, I had sessions with Dawn Holt. She was able to explain things in a way that really got through to me. If you are needing the services of a counsellor I highly recommend her.

TS, Delta



Dawn is such a good counsellor, I didn't feel like I was in counselling.  But I was and it changed my life.

JK, Abbotsford



When I first met Dawn, I didn’t trust myself to make a decision about anything, never mind a good one. But after working with Dawn, she has given me the tools to help manage my anxiety and strengthen my self-esteem and self-worth. I can see the growth I have made with her guidance and support and now have the ability to visualize my goals without allowing fear to rule my emotions and path in life.

ML, Langley



I have been to quite a few health professionals and out of all of them you have been the most influential. You are great at what you do and I hope you know that. I look back at where my mental state was when I first started my sessions with you and I am in awe. From incredibly depressed with suicidal ideation and not believing that the feeling would ever go away to ....happiness and enjoying the small things again.  I still have moments of darkness but I find I am able to cope with them a lot better. Your voice of reason and occasional sass pops into my head during those moments. Your ability to be compassionate, understand people and get to the root of the issue is an art.  Again,   I cannot thank you enough for being a pivotal part of my life... I'm not sure where I would have been without you!

CC, Vancouver



Growing up I had next to no opportunities to learn positive coping skills for the stress of life in general or the struggle of mental health issues like Depression & Anxiety. When I first met Dawn I was reluctant to admit I needed help,  and was suicidal and suppressing/avoiding all of the trauma I experienced. Not only did Dawn help me to learn good coping skills, but she also helped me learn the value and necessity of experiencing emotion and admitting that even superheroes need help, all while doing it in an atmosphere of simply chatting with a friend. Since beginning to see her, Dawn has helped me relearn my self-worth, remember how awesome I am and become the confident, successful woman I am today. Not to mention the sessions with Mac – he was an amazing counsellor too, always taking time for me! Thanks Dawn (and Mac!) for all you’ve done for me – you really did help bring sunshine back into my life!

ND, Chilliwack



I got more from 1 session with Dawn, than I got from any other professional, ever.


Dawn Holt Clinical Counselling 2017

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