Adjustment to Disability or Chronic Illness


Adjusting to a sudden disability from illness or accident can be one of the most challenging things you will experience in life.  At first, it can seem as though managing this sudden change will make it impossible to function in all the areas of your life.  This intense change has great impact on day to day living, even if the disability is temporary.  With supportive therapy you can learn to process this tremendous change and learn how to manage the impact on your relationships, way of life and work practices.


Receiving a diagnosis of a chronic illness can be devastating.  You may wonder how your life will go forward. It’s normal to experience symptoms of anxiety and depression when dealing with a chronic illness.  Therapy can be useful in helping to manage these symptoms, develop coping skills and restore hope for your future.


Having a family member who has a disability or chronic illness can be very difficult.  How do you support and help them without giving up your own life?  How do you avoid caregiver burnout?  Clinical counselling offers a safe place to talk about frustrations and fears, help you build coping skills, develop boundaries and access supports to assist the entire family.

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